About Us

About KIG

Khazzaka Insurance Group, better known as KIG, owned by Roland Khazzaka who represent the key success of the company, its experience in the insurance sector spans over fifteen years. KIG reinsurance treaties are covered by leading international re-insurers which allows for some of the most financially secure protection, a first class reinsurance cover, and a well-known reputation for prompt claims payment.

Due to KIG service excellence, professional commitments, and prompt payment of just claims, KIG has become the "First Choice Insurer" in Bekaa-Lebanon. Its head office is located in Zahle Warde center. We provide a comprehensive range of services that are positioned for the protection of large corporations, manufacturers, families, small businesses, as well as individuals. KIG services will provide protection for any type of insurance need: health insurance, personal accident, motor, workmen compensation, home office and clinic fire protection, professional indemnity, school liabilities, engineering, industrial property cover, marine hull and cargo, bankers blanket bond, foreign labor, and life insurance.

As for KIG team, it has the expertise and the know-how, and is committed to service, innovation, and leadership. This highly trained team of dedicated professionals is one of the company's most valuable assets.

KIG has succeeded in positioning itself in the Bekaa market as a provider of quality and choice in its innovative products and services.
Finally as we say “Anything could be dangerous" but with KIG you are always safe.